One Facebook Group Comforts Many

Marcia Frost
4 min readApr 18, 2020

During the Pandemic

Outside the window of the creator of the page, Arik Zara..

Kangaroos in Australia, a moose in Alaska, a bobcat in California, a giraffe in South Africa, and whales in Washington. What do they all have in common? A comforting Facebook group in a time of need.

The group, What do you see from your window? #StayAtHome, was started by Arik Zara. Zara lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and usually works as a digital nomad and a walking tour guide. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has traveled around the world.

A humingbird outside in Chino, California. Photo by TomGuagliardo.

“Through the group, members enjoy to ‘travel’ around the world, visit’ wonderful destinations and connect with an international community, while they #StayAtHome.

Tom Guagliardo of Chino, California, enjoys photographing the hummingbird in his backyard for the site.

“I find the worldwide participation of its membership inspiring. The entire world is affected by this virus. Though everyone must stay home, we are all connected to one another. This page demonstrates the good in all of us — regardless of country,” expresses Guagliardo.

For Elsa, who lives in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain, sitting on her balcony with her wine is her moment to remember what it was like (and what it hopefully will be again).

“El Born is a very happening area because is very touristy… (there are) plenty of restaurants and cafes, bars and hotels… very lively! So, on Saturdays I used to go with my friends for a ‘vermouth time’ before lunch, so, (now), a drink of wine or cava with some tapas.”

Elsa photographs her wine and Tapas from her balcony in Barcelona.

Rayna of Holden, Missouri, likes to visit with her neighbor’s bull Fred every day, while Izhar Shaar, who is in Kibbuzs Nirim in Israel, loves to show the group her backyard at sunset.

Jaynie Russell of Fontana, California, also loves to put up pictures of sunsets.



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