Why I Cringe When I hear “Medicare For All”

Marcia Frost
4 min readApr 5, 2021
Source: CNN

Bernie Sanders has been touting “Medicare for All” since he introduced the bill to congress in 2019. His plan is to get affordable healthcare to all Americans.

The premise is certainly something the country can use, but why aren’t we fixing what we have? I know the mess it is because I’m currently getting ready to start Medicare.

The term “Medicare for All” is deceiving as the proposal does not plan on making Medicare for all. It is supposed to be an example of a national health initiative for doctors, hospitals, and medication that is accessible for every citizen to afford. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, let’s talk about the people who are on Medicare. It’s seniors and those on social security disability. This is certainly not the healthiest group of Americans. These are also usually people on limited income with chronic medical problems (especially those on disability).

It’s important to realize that Medicare isn’t one plan. Too many people don’t do their research and get stuck with very little insurance because basic Medicare doesn’t cover much. It. is a confusing mess of add-Ins and supplements that range from Part A to Part N. The first four, as illustrated above, are plans for hospitals, physicians, prescriptions, and nursing care. The additional ones are to cover the deductible and “gap” not included in the original.

Medicare Advantage, called “Part C,” is fairly new. It’s made to encompass the medical and prescriptions in one plan. Contrary to the commercials you may have seen on television about having meals delivered and other benefits for little money, these plans can be restrictive and can have many co-pays so they aren’t for everyone. Their coverage on prescription plans are also not as inclusive. Some even require separate prescription plans.

Then, there’s the donut hole. It’s another expensive confusion the founding fathers of Medicare threw in because things weren’t complex enough. The donut hole puts you in a position, when you got a certain amount of coverage, to have to pay more for your prescriptions.

If you’re lost in this alphabet soup, you aren’t alone.

Medicare Part B cost will vary based on your income. Part A is what you get at no…



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